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What is the sediment on the bottom of the bottle?

As part of the live fermentation process, microbes eat and die and cause some sedimentation to settle at the bottle of the bottle.

As we have not pasteurised the product and as it is LIVE this process continues to happen a little once the product is bottled. This sediment can be left to settle and stay at the bottom of the bottle.

Please note: No need to shake it up.

There is a jelly like floaty thing in the bottle of tonic. What is this?

This magical little jelly monster is known as the mother. Similar to kombucha; vinegar forms a mother of microbes during the fermentation process. Sometimes a little one may form in the bottles as well. It’s a good thing!

A white film has formed on top of the tonic, is this safe?

This is likely to be kahm yeast. Yes, it is safe. Just skim it off, although it may reform.

Here is a link with some pictures and more information about kahm yeast versus mould which is not safe.

Make sure your bottle of tonic has the lid tightly fastened and store it in the fridge to prevent kahm yeast.

Why does the colour and smell vary?

s Dr Nat’s products are hand-made with natural ingredients there is sometimes variation in the colour or smell of the products. This is because the raw ingredient may also vary a little from batch to batch. For example, the rapadura sugar used in the fermenting of the vinegar can vary in colour and this influences the tone of the vinegar. Also, the herbs used to infuse the vinegar may vary depending on when they were grown and harvested and this can also affect the smell and colour of the end product.

When I open the bottle I hear a fizz, is this normal?

A small fizz is ok. This just means that the ferment has continued a little longer after the product was bottled. However, a big fiz with lots of bubbles coming up the neck of the bottle is not ok. Please get in touch if this occurs.

Is garlic safe for cats and dogs?

Cats are particularly sensitive to garlic and one must be very careful with the amount they are fed. This is why the dose of Defend Immunity Tonic is only 1-2drops per kilo for cats.
Most dogs can tolerate a small amount of garlic. Up to 1 medium-size clove per day is said to be safe for a 20kg dog. However, certain breeds can be sensitive such as artic breeds, Akitas and Shibas. Avoid garlic when the gastric mucosa is inflamed such as during vomiting or any signs of gastrointestinal bleeding.

The amount of garlic in the Defend Immunity Tonic is very safe at the recommended dosing on the bottle. However, if you have a sensitive breed use the lower dose recommended and skip a day or 2 weekly to give the body a break.

My dog has a heart condition would any of these products be helpful?

Garlic has been shown to be a very beneficial herb for heart health. Thus I recommend the Defend Immunity Tonic for my patients needing heart support.

My dog has skin allergies, which products would be helpful?

The Defend Immunity Tonic and Shield Skin and Coat Spray were both initially created with skin health in mind. However, depending on the individual the Restore Digestion Tonic may be more suited to some individuals. Skin allergies are complex and usually gut health and the immune system are a major part of what’s going on. The defend immunity tonic or restore digestion tonic are used to support gut health and immunity which in turn improves the skin. Diet also plays a very important role in skin allergy cases. I would recommend a consult to fully address and help sort out any skin issues.

My dog is old and arthritic would any of these products be helpful?

Old arthritic dogs are often quite cold from poor circulation. The Restore Digestion Tonic contains ginger which is very warming, improves circulation and has been shown to have beneficial effects on inflamed joints.

Older dogs often also have sluggish digestion as their gastric enzymes become less effective and the ginger and pineapple in the Restore Digestion Tonic have been found to really help support some of the older dogs I’ve treated.

My dog vomits occasionally, would the Restore Digestive Tonic help?

Yes potentially. Dogs vomit for many reasons. However, I have found that commonly this occasional vomiting is due to poor digestive fire. The ginger in the Restore Digestion Tonic helps to warm the stomach and increase its digestive capacity. It is also considered an antiemetic and helps to control nausea. The bromelain from the pineapple has beneficial enzymes to help with digestion.

If your dog is a particularly hot dog however it may be too warming and the Defend Immunity Tonic may suit them better. Please note that their diet may also need addressing. If in doubt, please book a consult with me.

My dog has cancer, would any of these products be helpful?

Garlic has been shown time and time again in multiple studies to prevent and treat cancer in people. Thus yes I would recommend using the Defend Immunity Tonic for cancer patients. Along with its many other benefits, the garlic in Defend Immunity Tonic is particularly indicated to ward off cancer. It is also a much easier safer way to give your pet garlic than trying to chop it up yourself.

My dog or cat gets diarrhea from eating things they shouldn’t or is sensitive too. Would any of these products help?

Yes, either the Restore or Defend tonics may be helpful depending on the individual pet. The Restore Digestion Tonic has been designed to support digestion. I have found it beneficial in many diarrhoea cases particularly when trying to support them in diet change.

A diet change may in fact also be indicated if the diarrhoea is an on going issue. If your dog is particularly hot then the Defend Immunity Tonic may suit them better however, this should not be used if there is signs of bleeding in the stomach or vomiting.

My cat or dog has a dry dull coat with some dandruff. Would the Shield spray help?

Absolutely. The Shield Skin & Coat Spray is great for improving coat health and removing dander. However, also remember that the coat is a reflection of over all health and likely the gut also needs supporting. I would consider adding in one of the tonics and addressing the diet as well.

My cat or dog is over weight. Which of these products do you recommend?

Apple cider vinegar is very good for helping with weight loss. Either one of the tonics may be helpful depending on your animal’s individual symptoms. If they heat up easily and never lay in the sun; choose the Defend Immunity Tonic. This would be the preferred tonic as garlic is also very helpful for fat metabolism.

If they lay in the sun and look for warmth a lot then the Restore Digestive Tonic may be better suited esp if they have occasional vomiting or loose stools. However, this alone will not solve the weight issue. Obviously, the diet also needs to be addressed. Please consider booking a consult with me so l can tailor a diet specifically for your pet.

My chickens aren’t laying. Would any of these product help?

Garlic has been shown to improve egg-laying in chickens. All the herbs in the Defend Immunity Tonic are also beneficial to prevent parasites. I recommend Defend Immunity Tonic be added to chickens water or food to help with their over all health and egg production.

My cat/dog/horse is prone to urinary problems. Which product would help?

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to be very helpful for urinary health. Either the Defend or Restore tonics would be helpful.

If your pet heats up easily and never lays in the sun; choose the Defend Immunity Tonic.

If they lay in the sun and look for warmth and particularly if they are an older animal with some joint issues then the Restore Digestive Tonic may be better suited esp if they have occasional vomiting or loose stools.

However, this alone will not solve urinary issues. Addressing the diet is very important. Please consider booking a private consultation so we can tailor a diet specifically for your pets needs.

Our product range is vet formulated to support immune and digestive health in dogs, cats, horses and farm animals

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