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  • Restore Digestion Tonic - Strengthens a pet’s digestive system and aids in recovery from stomach upsets

    Restore Digestion Tonic

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  • Defend Immunity Tonic - Promotes and supports a healthy immune system in pets

    Defend Immunity Tonic

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  • Shield Skin & Coat Spray - Supports healthy skin & may also prevent pests hitching a ride on your pet’s coat

    Shield Skin & Coat Spray

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  • Dr Nat s natural pet health pack includes: 1 x Defend Immunity Tonic, 1 x Restore Digestion Tonic, 1 x Shield Skin & Coat Spray

    Bundle: Restore, Defend & Shield

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Our product range is vet formulated to support immune and digestive health in dogs, cats, horses and farm animals

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